European multidisciplinary seafloor and water-column observatory

About EMSO

EMSO is a large-scale research infrastructure of seafloor & water-column observatories, set up to monitor long-term environmental processes and their interactions. The observatories measure many chemical and physical parameters, such as water temperature and acidity, or the ground/water interactions during earthquakes and tsunamis. The EMSODEV H2020 project is working on the data management systems.

The challenge

Collecting and analysing ocean data on a day-to-day basis is crucial to monitor environmental processes. To do this, EMSODEV needed to develop a Data Management Platform (DMP) to develop flexible and scalable data management service for a long-term, high-resolution and (near)-real-time monitoring.

EGI-EMSO collaboration

EMSODEV expressed interest in evaluating the use of EGI Federated Cloud resources for hosting the DMP.
EGI secured a pool of cloud resources provided by data centres in Italy, Portugal and Spain through a Service and an Operations Level Agreement (SLA and OLA). In total, four cloud providers offered 9TB of storage capacity and about 340 virtual CPU cores.

EMSODEV developed the DMP platform on top of the EGI Federated Cloud with the EGI support on virtualisation, storage, networking and security. The experimental prototype of the DMP is now ideployed in the RECAS-BARI cloud and fully integrated with the EGI Federated Cloud and the EGI Authentication and Authorisation services.

Services used by EMSO

Partners involved:


EGI: CESGA (Spain), EGI Foundation, INFN-PADOVA-STACK (Italy), NCG-INGRID-PT (Portugal), RECAS-BARI (Italy)