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Training, Workshops, Webinars, Tutorials, Presentations, Events and Publications by EGI-ACE project partners.

More workshops and training:

  • 2021/10/20-22
EMSO Time Series conference
  • 2021/11/11-15
Run the HADDOCK training during the event: EMBL-EBI Structural Bioinformatics course 2021
  • 01/07/2021
Module on coastal dynamics: ProAguas: Programa avançado de gestão de serviços de águas
  • 20-24/09/2021
Open stage – Show Us Your Toolbox: HTCondor Workshop Autumn 2021
  • 16/03/2022
Tutorial on OPENCoastS+: AirCentre Innovation Week 2022
  • 2022/05/23-25
WeNMR/HADDOCK workshop
  • 2022/06/13-17
BioExcel summerschool: Biomolecular simulations training school with WeNMR HADDOCK lecture+tutorial
  • 20/06/2022
Security of research computing infrastructures: Thematic CERN School of Computing on Security 2022
  • 05-07/08/2022
EGI/BSUN Summer School: Tutorials organised in collaboration between EGI-ACE and EOSC future for the Black Sea University Network (BSUN)
  • 22/03/2021
ISGC 2021: Security Workshop
  • 21/03/2022
ISGC 2022: Security Workshop
  • 10/05/2021
EISCAT_3D access WS: EGI Checkin user enrollment workflow
  • 05/07/2021
EISCAT_3D access WS: EGI Checkin user enrollment workflow


Webinar: OpenRDM

12th January 2022



As reported by project partners
  • 04/11/2020
EGI-ACE EGI Conference
  • 17/12/2020
SZTAKI Information Day: EGI-ACE Overview SZTAKI Information Day
  • 05/02/2021
Presentation: Data spaces – services for online analytics. LOFAR science products EGI-ACE public launch event
  • 16/02/2021
Presentation: LOFAR Science Products EGI-ACE Communities Worskhop
  • 05/03/2021
EISCAT_3D User Meeting: Updates on EISCAT web services and user authentication EISCAT_3D User Meeting
  • 10/03/2021
EGI-ACE Overview OpenAIRE-Nexus public launch
  • 12/03/2021
EGI-ACE overview, architecture and call for use cases IWAPP – Innovcative Workflows in Astro- & Particle Physics
  • 22/03/2021
General introduction to integrative modelling and HADDOCK¶ WeNMR/HADDOCK workshop at ISGC2021 in Taipei
  • 11/05/2021
EGI and FG DIRAC services Development in EGI-ACE project Virtual DIRAC Users’ workshop
  • 02/06/2021
Exploiting scientific data in the international context – The elements of success Pujiang Innovation Forum 2021
  • 15/06/2021
EISCAT_3D User Meeting: Access and scheduling — short updates and discussion EISCAT_3D User Meeting
  • 24/06/2021
Deep-learning approaches to Learn Interaction Patterns from Protein-Protein Interfaces The Deep Learning on Supercomputers Workshop
  • 02/07/2021
EOSC DIH Community Meeting: EGI-ACE Support for the EOSC DIH EOSC DIH Community Meeting
  • 30/08/2021
The EISCAT_3D data portal in the EOSC Marketplace URSI GA 2021
  • 24/09/2021
The machinery behind the HADDOCK webservers Instruct Software Developer webinar
  • 30/09/2021
EGI Multi-VO Rucio 4th Rucio Community Workshop
  • 01/10/2021
Experiences in integration with HPC @ INFN EGI Conference 2021
  • 01/10/2021
Deploying virtual elastic clusters on the EGI Cloud Compute EGI Conference 2021
  • 19/10/2021
Presentation: Towards the operational LOFAR Data Processing service in EOSC EGI Conference
  • 20/10/2021
Using EGI Cloud infrastructure with fedcloudclient EGI Conference 2021
  • 20/10/2021
Using Dynamic DNS service in EGI Cloud infrastructure EGI Conference 2021
  • 20/10/2021
The EGI-ACE Cloud and HTC providers EGI Conference 2021
  • 21/10/2021
MSSEG-2: A medical imaging challenge on VIP EGI Conference 2021
  • 21/10/2021
A HPC as a Service solution for climate data analytics on the EGI infrastructure EGI Conference 2021
  • 21/10/2021
SSH-OIDC at TUBITAK EGI Conference 2021
  • 21/10/2021
OPENCoastS+ moving from on-demand coastal circulation to water quality forecasts EGI Conference 2021
  • 10/11/2021
Running containers and Kubernetes in the EGI Federation ARCOS Symposium
  • 29/11/2021
EISCAT_3D User Meeting: E3D access for users and developers EISCAT_3D User Meeting
  • 15/12/2021
Les services DIRAC au CC-IN2P3 (Dirac services at CC-IN2P3) JCAD2021
  • 01/01/2022
EOSC-Life WP2 meeting: EGI-ACE opportunities for EOSC-Life EOSC-Life WP2 meeting
  • 01/02/2022
Data storage on the EOSC platform: Type of resources, how to access them, how to make available similar services EOSC Future Ask me anything session on Data Storage
  • 02/02/2022
EGI-ACE serivces for ENVRI community ENVRI Community Event at ENVRI Conference 2022
  • 02/02/2022
ELKH Cloud Inauguration meeting
  • 01/03/2022
Software repository, WeNMR and application portals EOSC Future Ask me Anything Session
  • 09/03/2022
EGI-ACE APAN53 Cloud Working Group Meeting
  • 09/03/2022
A collaboration and Compute Platform from EGI for Open Science in Asia Asia Pacific Advanced Network conference
  • 16/03/2022
The expanding EGI computing landscape Open Science Grid All Hands Meeting
  • 21/03/2022
Customizable Integrative Modelling Workflows with HADDOCK3
  • 23/03/2022
Running Fermi-LAT analysis on Cloud: the experience with DODAS with EGI-ACE Project International Symposium on Grids & Clouds (ISGC) 2022
  • 23/03/2022
A collaboration and Compute Platform from EGI for Open Science in Asia
  • 31/03/2022
EOSC Compute services services for the long tail and for communities NI4OS-Europe National Dissemination Event in North Macedonia
  • 06/04/2022
Scalable Environments for reproducible Open Science MiniGateways 2022
  • 10/05/2022
EGI Workload Manager Service Virtual DIRAC Users’ workshop
  • 25/05/2022
EGI-ACE: Empowering researchers from all disciplines to collaborate in data- and compute-intensive research EGU 2022
27/05/2022 DODAS service Healthycloud discussion on orchestrators
  • 03/06/2022
EGI-ACE DataWeek 2022: Exploiting the opportunities of the European Open Science Cloud to SMEs
  • 06/06/2022
OPENCoastS+: an EOSC-powered service for on-demand prediction of coastal water quality Encontro de Oceanografia 2022
  • 07/06/2022
Federating HPC resources in EOSC via EGI-ACE EOSC Future Ask me anything session on HPC
  • 13/07/2022
Cloud and HPC Computing in the EGI Federated Infrastructure IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM
  • 21/09/2022
Expanding the capacity and capabilities of an Earth Observation application by means of the European Open Science Cloud EGI Conference 2022
  • 21/09/2022
Bridging Cloud and HPC towards High Performance Data Analytics for climate science EGI Conference 2022 – Lightning Talks: Compute continuum use cases
  • 21/09/2022
HPC in EGI-ACE EGI Conference 2022
  • 23/09/2022
International Cloud Federation Global Open Science Cloud Workshop (EGI Conference 2022)
  • 28/09/2022
Regional EOSC event by NI4OS: EGI-ACE overview and capacity allocation Regional EOSC event by NI4OS
  • 29/09/2022
Fuelling open science with a pan-European cloud infrastructure federation -Experiences from the Eastern Partnership region EaPEC 2022
  • 10/10/2022
EGI-ACE overview and capacity allocation (remote presentation) IBERGRID2022
  • 01/11/2022
OPENCoastS+: an EOSC-powered service for on-demand prediction of coastal water quality MEDGU 2022
  • 11/11/2022
15th European Public Health Conference 2022: Improving PHIRI performance and scalability: working within EGI-ACE 15th European Public Health Conference 2022
  • 14/11/2022
User experience stories: Building a Climate indices dataset for climate change impacts assessment EOSC Symposium 2022 – EOSC Compute Platform: status and way forward
  • 14/11/2022
Federating HPC Providers with the EOSC Compute Platform SC22 SuperCompCloud: 6th International Workshop on Interoperability of Supercomputing and Cloud Technologies
  • 17/11/2022
Building a Climate indices dataset for climate change impacts assessment using EGI-ACE EOSC resources EOSC Symposium 2022 – Use cases demonstrating the added value of EOSC
  • 17/11/2022
CMIP7 towards a Software as a Service model IPSL Climate Modelling Center seminar
  • 08/12/2022
Introduction and demo of openBIS NFDI-MatWerk event on Electronic Lab Notebooks
  • 19/01/2023
The EGI-ACE project and the ENES data space 9th Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) Hybrid Conference,
Co-sponsored by IS-ENES3 and ESGF2-US
  • 20/01/2023
OPENCoastS + training
Dynamical downscaling with the relocatable SURF & OPENCoastS platforms workshop
  • 25/01/2023
Feedback on ENES Data Space: an EOSC-enabled Data Science Environment for Climate Science EOSC-France Technical Workshop
  • 04-05/03/2021
Women in Science Symposium 2021 Women in Science Symposium 2021
  • 04-08/10/2021
Juggling research and services in bioinformatics Research to service: Planning and running a bioinformatics core facility
  • 06-09/06/2022
KAUST conference on Modern trends in targeted structure-based drug design and discovery WeNMR/HADDOCK lecture
  • 06-10/10/2022
Protein Society Meeting WeNMR/HADDOCK lecture
  • 11-15/10/2021
Exploring protein docking with HADDOCK Structural Bioinformatics EBI course
  • 14-17/03/2022
OPENCoastS+: on-demand coastal circulation and water quality forecasts AirCentre Innovation Week 2022/Copernicus services session
  • 15-17/06/2022
An EOSC-enabled Data Space Environment for Climate Science IWSG 2022 (International Workshop on Science Gateways)
  • 20-21/04/2022
The role of OPENCoastS+ on European Digital Ocean Twins initiative Digital Ocean Forum (by invitation only)
  • 20-24/09/2021
Dealing with dynamic and mixed workloads HTCondor Workshop Autumn 2021
  • 2023-04-16/22
EGU2023: Coastal Digital Twins: building knowledge through numerical models and IT tools EGU2023
  • 2023-05-02/06
ISEM2023: Circulation and water quality on-demand forecasts to support coastal ecosystem management ISEM2023
  • 23-27/05/2022
ENES Data Space: an open, cloud-enabled data science environment for climate analysis EGU General Assembly 2022 (EGU22)
  • 9-11/05/2022
Towards HPC and Big Data convergence for climate analysis at scale 7th ENES HPC Workshop
  • 21/03/2022
Integrating EGI Check-in in the Virtual Imaging Platform ISGC 2022
  • 9-13/05/2022
FEBS summerschool: Lost in Integration – Probing Biomolecules with
Electrons, Photons, Neutrons and Magnetic Spins
WeNMR/HADDOCK lecture + group discussions
  • 19/06/2021
  • 07-11/06/2021
Docking + HADDOCK tutorial BioExcel Summer School
  • 07-11/07/2021
Integrative modeling of biomolecular complexes EU-ASEAN HPC Virtual School 2021:
System Design and HPC Applications
  • 01/06/2022
Cloud computing with the EGI Federated Infrastructure: Status and Future Outlook ISC High Performance 2022

Other outputs:

  • Booth
10/10/2022 General project promotion at the EGI-ACE booth IBERGRID2022
  • Booth
14/11/2022 EGI-ACE promotion at the EGI booth EOSC Symposium
  • Demonstration
21/09/2022 OPENCoastS+: on-demand forecast of circulation and water quality in coastal regions EGI conference 2022
  • Demonstration
21/09/2022 ENES Data Space: an EOSC-enabled Data Space Environment for Climate Science EGI Conference 2022 – Demonstrations
  • Demonstration
21/04/2023 Make your Results Reproducible with the Virtual Imaging Platform IEEE ISBI 2023, Clinical Day
  • Infographic
19/05/2021 EGI-ACE at a glance infographic Online platforms (website, social media, email)
  • Journal paper
10/11/2021 PDBe-KB: collaboratively defining the biological context of structural data Nucleic Acids Research
  • Journal paper
29/11/2021 Automated Determination of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemical Shift Perturbations in Ligand Screening Experiments: The PICASSO Web Server Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
  • Journal paper
09/06/2022 Learning to Identify Physiological and Adventitious Metal-Binding Sites in the Three-Dimensional Structures of Proteins by Following the Hints of a Deep Neural Network Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
  • News item
05/02/2020 EGI-ACE Kick-off news item EGI-ACE news item page
  • Newsletter article
17/02/2021 EGI-ACE overview newsletter article EGI newsletter
  • Panel discussion
20-24/09/2021 HTCondor philosophy and architecture HTCondor Workshop Autumn 2021
  • Poster
01/01/2022 EISCAT and EISCAT 3D user access Sodankylä Observatory Days, University of Oulu, Finland
  • Poster
20/09/2022 ReproVIP: Enhancing Reproducibility of Scientific Results in Medical Imaging EGI Conference 2022
  • Poster
20/09/2022 Deploying container-based applications on EGI with VIP EGI Conference 2022
  • Poster
2022/06/13-17 ENES Data Space: an open, cloud-enabled data science environment for climate analysis TNC22 Conference
  • White paper
11/06/2021 Governance, Architectures and Business Models for Data and Cloud Federations: the EOSC and GAIA-X Case Studies Published on Zenodo, and was sent to the EOSC Association
  • Video
01/06/2021 EGI-ACE -at a glance Online platforms (website, social media, email)