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EGI Check-in is a proxy service that operates as a central hub to connect federated Identity Providers (IdPs) with EGI service providers. Check-in allows users to select their preferred IdP so that they can access and use EGI services in a uniform and easy way.

Main characteristics:

  • Enables multiple federated authentication sources using different technologies
  • Increased productivity and security
  • Federated in eduGAIN as a service provider, publishing REFEDS RnS and Sirtfi compliance
  • User registration portal to allow accounts-linking
  • Combines user attributes originating from various authoritative sources (IdPs and attribute provider services) and delivers them to the connected EGI service providers in a transparent way.

TRL 8 System complete and qualified.

Service provided by

This work is co-funded by the EOSC-hub project (H2020) under grant number 777536.