Research stories


New biomarkers for multiple sclerosis

How the VIP platform developed in France is helping scientists based in Sweden to research new ways to monitor the progress of multiple sclerosis.

salmonella niaid

The genetics of Salmonella infections

How Cloud Compute helped scientists to understand what happens during when a human cell meets Salmonella

Morelia viridis

New viruses implicated in fatal snake disease

How the Chipster platform helped virologists to make sense of millions of virus genomes


Cracking Goldbach’s Conjecture

How High-Throughput Compute helped mathematicians to tackle an old problem

Main Belt Comet

Are comets born in asteroid collisions?

How High-Throughput Compute helped astronomers to find out where main-belt comets come from.


Designing better antibiotics

How High-Throughput Compute helped to develop antibiotics with less side effects but equally powerful against fungi


Modelling earthquakes in Thessaloniki

Predicting earthquakes is impossible, but High-Throughput Compute helps to anticipate their effects


Improving digital security with natural selection

How scientists from the Czech Republic trialed new cryptanalysis methods with inspiration from the theory of evolution and the help of High-Throughput Compute


EGI Case Studies

A collection of the best research case studies published in the EGI website between 2010-2014.