Scientific applications and tools

The scientific applications and tools presented hereĀ are provided by members and partners of the EGI Community.

They are not part of the EGI Service Catalogue but they rely on EGI services to run, for example High-Throughput Compute or Cloud Compute.

Some of the applications can be accessed via the EGI Applications on Demand Platform.

  • For Life Sciences


Computational tools to model complexes of proteins and other biomolecules


A tool for rigid body fitting of atomic structures into cryo-EM density maps


Visualise and quantify the accessible interaction space in macromolecular complexes

Virtual Imaging Platform

Web portal for medical simulation and image data analysis


Open source platform for data analysis

NBIS toolkit

Bioinformatics tools for the life science research community (e.g. SCAMPI, TOPCONS)


Open source platform for biomedical research


A tool for biomolecular modeling


A platform for multiple alignment of nucleic acid and protein sequences

AutoDock Vina

A molecular docking and virtual screening program

  • For Arts & Humanities


Discover new sides of music, find great performances and improve your score reading

DARIAH Gateway

Cloud applications and services for Arts & Humanities researchers

  • For Earth Sciences

Geohazards TEP

Supporting the exploitation of satellite EO for geohazards

  • For Computer Science & Mathematics

GNU Octave

An open-source software for numerical computations

The Jupyter Notebook

An open-sourceĀ application for creating and sharing documents