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Updated 30/01/2023

New projects started at EGI: an overview

In the last few months and weeks, a few projects kicked-off in which EGI participates.

Below is a comprehensive overview; don't forget to check our full project portfolio for the full picture!

operAtional seNsing lifE technologies for maRIne ecosystemS

A federated European FAIR and Open Research Ecosystem for oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters

Creating a Robust Accessible Federated Technology for Open Access

Data Monetization, Interoperability, trading and exchange

Data Spaces for Europe DS4EU

European Union’s REKonstructed content in 3D

EUropean Federation for CAncer IMages

A robust, scalable, seamlessly integrated open infrastructure for data-driven research

Next Generation Research Assessment to Promote Open Science

The Green Deal Data Space Foundation and its Community of Practice

Tools and methods for extended plant PHENotyping and EnviroTyping services of European Research Infrastructures

Preparation of the AI-on-demand platform

Digital Technologies Acting as a Gatekeeper to Information and Data Flow